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  • Redwood Studios is a Metro St Louis recording studio offering professional quality at every stage of music recording.  We work with artists during pre-production, writing, and arrangement, and use great gear to record and mix your music so it sounds the best it possibly can!

    We offer a relaxed recording environment with an experienced staff to help you realize your music, all while using top-notch gear.

    We use the hottest industry-standard plugins and boutique outboard gear to frame your mix for that perfect warmth, sizzle, and punch!

    The final stage of production prepares your music for duplication and release!

    We can work with artists to bring their music to the next level.  Our staff engineer has released several records and has years of experience with the creative process.  We can help artists with any range of experience, whether they need help with songwriting, arrangement, sound design, or just an outside, unbiased opinion.